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Thank you for making such a great and important film. I had been researching these ideas and needed or wanted to see something bringing them together. One of the things I found most refreshing and rewarding was finally being able to listen to people and ideas that actually made cosmological sense!! – while also noting the prevalent mainstream indoctrination.

People such as yourself and those profiled in the film insure that a Mind remains free. I don’t know if one can place a price tag on that but purchasing this film was money well spent to be sure.


Maxim Stone

I showed the film in Granada these past two days.

To say that it was well received would be an understatement. People stayed afterwards for more than one hour discussing and debating. Many described it as a breath of fresh air.


I have seen the films 4 times, soaking them in. We went to watch the Auckland AS screening, one guy nearly cried over the attack on the big bang, and another hissed to me about the jolly Jayant Narlikar. How rapt and silent the audiences are! The people in the films are clearly our heroes. Their books wear out in my hands, and the hands of many borrowers.

G. Loftus

I found it very informative and it opened my mind to the problems I’ve always had with the big bang.


I’ve complained to them before and they never acknowledged anything, that’s why I quit taking their mag. They aren’t interested in theories about the origin of the universe, only ‘their’ theory, which they treat like “God’s Word” proven and settled.


What I find frustrating is that there is no mention, on any programs and articles and other media, of anything to do with Plasma Cosmologist theories. It’s as if they don’t exist. I subscribe to Science News. It’s my only magazine subscription, and I have yet to see anything to do about the other possibilities! I can’t be listed as an amateur but I can be seen as an enthusiast. I treasure, above all, open-mindedness to possibilities. The current theories don’t add up, without fudging the numbers, and those “scientists” who I read about so often should be the first to admit that there are other possibilities yet they don’t. Shameful, in my opinion…

D. Harrison

I can see why you are frustrated with your efforts. I too went through a similar frustration and stopped my subscription to Sky and Telescope after more than thirty years. The Big Bang Theory should insult the intelligence of any thinking person but it does not. The final crunch for me was when S & T did a long article explaining what happened from a split second after the Big Bang to the present day. I can remember thinking to myself its a pity we can’t get some of these people with their vast knowledge to join the Weather Channel. Those people could use some help. We have to accept reality when dealing with these people. Astronomy Magazine, Sky and Telescope and other so called science magazines are little more than the tabloid papers you can pick up at the check out at any food store. If you don’t believe that, check out one of the latest publications on Astronomy .com entitled “Explore Cosmology’s greatest mysteries with the origin and fate of the Universe”. They claim it is “ALL-NEW from the editors of Astronomy Magazine”. They are promoting the exact opposite of what the Cosmological Quest DVD’s are showing.

However all is not lost. As you may know the DVD’s have been shown on Norwegian television four times since its publication and is enjoying some support by being shown at local amateur astronomy groups in this country. Getting the DVD’s shown on PBS would be the way to go. The European community are beginning to flex their muscles and researching objects like NGC7603. Larger European telescopes are being planned and should be on line within the next ten to fifteen years. Thank goodness the internet can not be edited.

Clear Skies

I. Batemen

Unfortunately, mainstream people look at those with alternative theories as crackpots. The only way to get their attention, I believe, is to dissolve the prevailing theories one at a time and that takes a lot of time and energy that most people don’t have. One of the first ideas to correctly describe would be the expansion of the universe.

Frank Lutz

Thank you, again, for making this film. It is hard to see the sea for the waves, but you have done a terrific job showing the world why BB has a real contender (or two) for King of the Cosmos. I remained stunned that such a controversial topic could be so well explained and so artfully done at the same time. What a huge embarassment to orthodox science it will be, and if Kuhn is correct, it may well usher in social revolution as well. Bravo and you have my “Oscar” for documentary film, to be sure!

Florida USA

Matt Terry

Most of us are intrigued by questions to do with the origin and evolution of the universe. Where do we come from? Where are we going? These are fundamental questions. But no one knows the answers. In the last few years there have been many claims that we are finally getting a true answer. It is that the universe and all of the matter and energy out of which we are created was created in a great explosion about 15 billion years ago. This was the big bang. Most scientists will agree with this but there are a few of us, expert in the field, who understand that we still really don’t know.

This is the story of the few, —hopefully “The Right Stuff”.

Dr. Geoffrey Burbidge

Universe – The Cosmology Quest

Most astronomical theory is arrived at in personal meetings between members of an influential elite. This film gives an opportunity to hear and see, first hand, the arguments which contradict the currently accepted paradigms. Listen and reflect as researchers discuss discoveries which do not reach the news media, and public at large. See the evidence for a completely different universe. Discover together with many prominent workers in the field, what this universe looks like, and how it works.

Join them in the cosmology quest.

Dr. Halton Chip Arp

After the film I was elated with new cosmological possibilities. As the audience dispersed into the night, I looked up pensively to the full moon above, remembering red shifts, plasma, human beings competing to make order of the Big Bang, until finally I raised my hand in the air and thought, “Hmm, just three-fingers away from Jupiter.”

San Francisco

Alex Dailey – Astronews

It is amazing that this film got made considering the animosity towards alternitive ideas in the field. It would appear that Meyers has become the Michael Moore of the science documentary!


For more than 40 years I have argued against the ‘Big Bang’ theory with anyone willing to listen to the errors of that thinking. It was such a pleasure to listen to rational people discuss such an important topic to me in the manner of your film.

R.J. Cloak

Finally a documentary film worth watching TV for!!

I saw it with a friend in Norway, and hope it will soon be shown in Sweden too!! Original, strong and I learnt a lot of things I had no idea were happening. Thank you!


Siri Vestergaard

For those with a bit of background in either the science or the history, it strikes me as a very interesting presentation. It may, in fact, be a catalyst and a first shot in a coming revolution and battle royal over this, perhaps, most esoteric of all intellectual pursuits.

San Francisco

Mike Ryan – San Mateo Astro. Soc.

Questo č un film d’epoca, e’grande! A vedere il tuo “Universo” fu una grande e nuova esperienza per noi qui! Cosi spontaneo e nello stesso tempo interessantissimo, insomma…MAGNIFICO!!!

Oslo Norway

Antonio Bibalo – Composer

What a wonderful event!!!! The film was just amazing. I’m so glad I saw it. I ordered the dvd for the family to see, now I have to get a dvd player. Thanks again.

Los Angeles

B. Wakamatsu

The films were really interesting! My God, it’s like one of those “everything you know is wrong” experiences. Thanks for expanding my mind a bit.

Los Angeles

G. Zimmerman

Thank you again, the movie presentation was FANTASTIC! I wish that I had invited a couple of my friends – I would love to show footage to my acquaintances.

Los Angeles

T. Nakamoto

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