Episode 1

The first episode of ”Universe – The Cosmology Quest” presents an in-depth analysis of the discordant redshifts of galaxies and high red shift quasars in close proximity and/or apparently connected by filaments of matter. Though not a totally new debate, the growing number recent observations showing such correlations have greatly strengthened the theory that not all redshifts – particularly those of distant quasars – are due to the expansion of the universe. This, of course, challenges the presiding dogma by putting into question the main basis of the whole big bang theory – namely the Hubble redshift distance law. Many deep rooted controversies are revealed in an easily understandable language and amply illustrated with beautiful high-end 3D motion graphics and a symphonic sound track.

This episode presents some of the last footage ever recorded with the legendary cosmologist and writer Sir Fred Hoyle. It also includes over 40 minutes of extra interviews with many of the leading astronomers and cosmologists of our time.

Featuring Interviews with:
  • Sir Fred Hoyle – Cosmologist
  • Dr. Halton C. Arp – Cosmologist
  • Dr. Geoffrey Burbidge – Cosmologist
  • Dr. Margaret Burbidge – Astronomer
  • Kary Mullis – Nobel laureate
  • Dr. Jayant Narlikar – Cosmologist
  • Martin Lopez-Corredoira – Astronomer
  • John Dobson – Telescope designer / philosopher
  • Jack Sulentic – Astronomer

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